4 tips to beat a rainy day

It’s raining. We’ve had the most gorgeous October here in Seattle I can remember in years.


I’ve been in heaven walking around outside and catching myself silently nodding in agreement with all those fall lovers. You know who you are. The crisp morning and evenings with warm inbetween. The sun shining with blue skies and pretty clouds. The green grass, orange pumpkins and perky mums.

brooke with umbrella.JPG

Whelp. Those days here are gone. The rain has set in with the continuous gray skies and mud where the grass should be. Now it’s rain. rain. rain on the horizon. I don’t know about you, but the rain makes me SO unmotivated. As in I don’t want to leave the house for any reason.

Case in point.

Kids, “ mom, will you go to the store we have no food.” (but whinnier, you know the tone)

Me, “geez, I’m sure there are crackers in the pantry somewhere…”

I’m pretty sure that is why Emergency Kits are sold up here. So parents can feed their families and not have to constantly go out in the rain. I mean we don’t suffer from hurricanes, tornadoes or disastrous earthquakes. Just rain, and lots of it.

So, if the rain gets you down like it does me, here are some tips for beating rainy day blues.

4 rainy day tips.png
  1. have yummy scented candles on hand. I find the warm glow of the flame fights the cold dreary color outside. Candles just make everything cozier.

  2. cozy blankets are a must, because let’s face it, you’ll be spending most of your time on the couch or in bed with a book or Amazon Prime.

  3. get your errands done before the rain comes. Now this one is the most important! Any glimmers of dry sky, get your booty off the couch and out the door before the sky starts leaking again.

  4. have comfort foods at the ready. Since I am truly unmotivated when the sky is gray and the rain is falling and kids still need to eat (why tho?) I find it best to have easy to make finger food or simple freezer meals at the ready. My hubby loves soup so that is always a hit with him, and bonus, super easy to make! Win/win.

    *(stay tuned because a family favorite soup recipe is coming soon!)

I’m sure there’s more so let me know in the comments how you beat the rainy day blues. Also, if you love the rain, I want to know! Just make sure you also mention where you live. :)

<3 Jenny